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On 3/22/16, Lindsey and Assaf Gal welcomed the arrival of Asher and Jenna. The twins were delivered at 32 weeks at a local hospital and were immediately admitted to the NICU. To help them thrive, the doctors inserted feeding tubes into both babies but, unfortunately, the tubes did not work for Asher and he was diagnosed on the first day of his life with Esophageal Atresia with Tracheoesophageal Fistula (EA/TEF).

EA is a congenital condition in which the esophagus is interrupted and fails to connect the mouth to the stomach as it should. Babies with EA must undergo surgical repair, often very soon after birth. After researching a number of local and national programs, Lindsey and Assaf decided to transfer Asher's care to the EA clinic at Columbia led by Drs. Middlesworth & Khlevner.

At 8 days old, Asher was transferred to Columbia's NICU, where Dr. Middlesworth monitored his growth before operating. When Asher was just shy of 5lbs, Dr. Middlesworth was able to perform the surgical repair.

Asher spent 7 weeks in Columbia's NICU. Though he was able to go home shortly after his surgery, his EA journey did not end after being discharged. He continues to have regular appointments every few months, and has undergone 4 surgeries before his first birthday. Today, thanks to the superb care received at the EA clinic, Asher is eating like a champ and growing steadily.

Lindsey and Assaf are grateful for the compassionate and comprehensive care that Asher receives at Columbia and have established the Asher Cole Gal Fund for the Esophageal Atresia Clinic to help provide vital resources for the program and to further the important research that improves the lives of our most vulnerable patients who suffer from EA. The Gal family greatly appreciates your generosity in support of the Asher Cole Gal Fund.

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